Buckin’ Rootbeer

High Mountain Huckleberry

root-beerWe’re probably most proud of our multiple Award-Winning Jackson Hole Soda Co.”Buckin’ Rootbeer” – the taste that won the West! Made with real sugar, premium natural flavorings, and batch-brewed to ensure the highest quality, our Rootbeer is made with care and attention to detail that reminds folks of the rich, heady Rootbeer Grandma used to make. Some folks enjoy our Buckin’ Rootbeer so much, they buy it by the keg. We’ve even heard of one little Buckaroo that loves Buckin’ Rootbeer on his pancakes!

Recipe Ideas: Excellent with BBQ spare ribs, pulled-pork, hamburgers, pizza and everything else! The absolute BEST Rootbeer ever created for Rootbeer Floats. (Don’t believe it? Give it a try!)
One of our customer’s all-time favorites! A light and sweet favorite that’s perfectly suited for a cool refreshing drink on a hot Summer day. Like all of our batch-brewed sodas, High Mountain Huckleberry is crafted with care the old fashioned way. Huckleberries are Summer ripened relatives of the Raspberry and Blackberry, with a rich juicy flavor somewhere between the two. Don’t miss the chance to surprise your guests with an incredibly tasty soda that will quickly become one of your family’s favorites!

Recipe Ideas: An excellent compliment to light foods like Rocky Mountain Rainbow Trout, and Grilled Chicken. Also an excellent topping to shaved ice. Try it with home-made popsicles!

Grand Teton Grape

Jackson Ginger

Grape Ginger

South Fork Strawberry Rhubarb

Snake River Sarsaparilla

strawberry sarsaparilla
A Jackson Hole Soda Co. Original! For years, folks have asked for a taste of their old-timey favorite, Strawberry Rhubarb! Brewed with a sweet taste and smooth flavor, our South Fork Strawberry Rhubarb is second to none. A wonderful surprise for your party guests that have tried everything, South Fork Strawberry Rhubarb is a smooth yet sophisticated soda flavor that will have your friends wanting more. Try it!

Recipe Ideas: Perfect for salads and sandwiches or with BBQ! Try it frozen for a treat the kids will love!
Our “Snake River Sarsaparilla” (commonly pronounced “sas-pa-rill-uh”) is one of the all-time favorites from the Wild West. A unique taste as big as the Wyoming sky, our Sarsaparilla tastes a bit like a cross between a cola drink and a rootbeer. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll see why we can’t hardly keep it in stock!

Recipe Ideas: Great for picnics, watching fireworks, and cookouts of all kinds! Try it with your favorite burger recipes!

Outlaw Orange Cream

Cowboy Cream Soda

orange cream cowboy-cream-soda Cowboy

NEW! Western Watermelon

New! Cherokee Cherry Vanilla

western-watermelon Western-Watermelon Cherry-vanilla Cherokee-Cherry-Vanilla


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